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Build Your Own Low Impact Compost Heap!

The long awaited sequel to my post on boosting the output of your garden year after year for $25! After about 2 weeks of bad weather and interuptions, I finally got a free day and some good weather to build a low impact compost heap from recycled materials. Let’s get started! Continue reading

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Boost the output of your garden year after year for $25

Composting is a simple element of gardening that many homeowners either misunderstand or skip completely. Learn the 3 things you need to successfully make your own compost, and how to use it! Continue reading

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Indoor/Outdoor Herb Garden

If you’re like me, you like having fresh herbs on hand for cooking. As Fall starts to roll around though, you notice your parsley drooping, your basil getting spotty and yellow, and your thyme slowing to a crawl. Instead of tossing your window box or hanging basket of herbs into the compost heap you can transplant them into a container. Not only will this provide you with seasonings over the winter, it will add a pleasant scent to the room where you keep them! Continue reading

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