Save money on tractor maintenance: Replace a broken grease port!

While doing routine maintenance on your tractor, you will sooner or later come across a broken grease port or zerk.  By following this simple procedure, you can avoid a trip to the mechanic and cut your repair costs down to a couple of dollars!

Completed installation

A working grease port is necessary to keep linkages or bushings operating smoothly!

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Playing With Your Wood! Part 1.

After hearing enough jokes about it, I finally gave in and chose that title.

Stacking wood in progress

Firewood is used by many homes in colder climates to offset heating costs.

Many people in colder climates turn to wood heat in the winter months.  It’s a great way to offset other heating costs, and is used especially in rural homes.  If you use a wood stove, fireplace, or wood boiler, you’re going to need to know how to stack wood efficiently, safely, and correctly.  Here’s how I do it:

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$15 can keep your power equipment from stranding you in the cold!

Gas and diesel fuel treatments

Your weapons of choice to protect your fuel supply from the cold.

That’s right! for the low low price of $15, you can help keep your snow blower, chainsaw, tractor, generator, snowmobile, ATV, UTV, log splitter, or anything else with an engine running smoothly through the winter months.  For that price, you can’t afford not to!

Seriously though, you should pick up fuel stabilizer and start using it as soon as you see frost on the ground.  Since I have equipment that runs on both gasoline and diesel, I pick up a bottle of additive for both types of fuel.  Why should you buy this kind of stuff?  I’m glad you asked!
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Fall Maintenance Checklist

Fall View

Fiery leaves, crisp air, tons of @&#$ to do.

Every homeowner should have a Fall maintenance checklist to follow.  If you have a larger property, that just means there will be more to do on yours.  I find that breaking your tasks into categories will help you prioritize your workload and eliminate potential problems before they come up.

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I Can Move 1000lb. Trees Without Breaking a Sweat!

Kubota B1750 set up to skid logs.

Kubota B1750 Set Up to Skid Logs.

I never said I was going to move them by hand…

Shortly after I got comfortable with my chainsaw, I realized that if I was going to make any kind of headway cutting my own firewood and maintaining my woodlot, I’d need a way to get heavy logs out of the forest.  I got set up to do this for about $100. Continue reading

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Do you own a chainsaw? Stay sharp!

Tools needed to sharpen a chainsaw.

A typical manual chain sharpening kit.

If you have any kind of a woodlot on your property, or if you intend to use wood as a heat source in the winter, you’re going to need a chainsaw.  If you’re going to get a chainsaw, you’ll have to keep it sharp!

Your owner’s manual should give you all the details like angles and radii, but seeing someone else do it can’t hurt!

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Build Your Own Low Impact Compost Heap!

Ah, the long awaited sequel to my post on boosting the output of your garden year after year for $25!  I bet you didn’t think I’d pull it off!  I almost didn’t thanks to mother nature and some emergency roof repair.

After about 2 weeks of bad weather and interuptions, I finally got a free day and some good weather to build a low impact compost heap from recycled materials.  Let’s get started!

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Don’t Panic! Emergency Roof Repair!

6:30 Thursday morning.   The Tropical Storm seems to be done for now. You’re getting dressed for work, and you notice something new on the wall in your closet…  What are you gonna do?

Follow me as I discover, diagnose, and repair several types of roof leaks.  These fixes can keep you dry until a new roof can be put on your home!

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Buy a Grease Gun or Your Tractor Will DIE! More at 11.

LA 300 Front End Loader fitted to a Kubota B1750HST

We meet again...

Last week, I said I was going to post about a new project I’ve been working on, or there would be another tractor maintenance post.  We got the tail end of Tropical Storm Nicole on Thursday and Friday, and the storm won.  More on that soon.

If you end up with a front end loader at some point, you will get more life out of it with the following tips:

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Boost the output of your garden year after year for $25

Composting is a simple element of gardening that many homeowners either misunderstand or skip completely:

That I found using google

It's a heap... of fun! (boo)

If you don’t know what compost is, I’m sure you have at least some idea.  You know it’s good for your garden, you know you should be using it, but how do you go from garbage to greenage?

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