Fall Maintenance Checklist

Fall View

Fiery leaves, crisp air, tons of @&#$ to do.

Every homeowner should have a Fall maintenance checklist to follow.  If you have a larger property, that just means there will be more to do on yours.  I find that breaking your tasks into categories will help you prioritize your workload and eliminate potential problems before they come up.

Here’s mine:

  • House
  • Vehicles/Equipment
  • Driveway
  • Woodlot
  • Lawn/Garden

I consider each of these groups equally important.  They are going to take about the same amount of my time overall, and they will each have tasks that take upwards of a day, or as little as 30 minutes.

Here’s how I get started:



  • Change the engine oil in anything that is going to run in the cold.  Follow any manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Prep your snow moving equipment for any upcoming weather.
  • Winterize anything you won’t be using and put it in storage.
  • Make note of any projects to be built or repairs to be made inside over the winter months.
  • Add stabilizer to fuel if necessary.


  • Identify the causes of and fixes for common driveway damage.
  • Grade your gravel driveway to prevent damage in the winter and spring.
  • Make sure your drainage ditches and culverts are in good working order.
  • Install markers to make snow removal easier and safer.
  • Get your mailbox ready for winter.


  • Do a walkthrough to asses the condition of your woodlot.  Update or create a forest management plan.
  • Check trail condition and drainage systems to ensure access in the spring.
  • Cut and skid any timber that you intend to season for the following year.
  • Prepare and stack your firewood for winter.
  • Encourage any small or large game on your property.


  • Prune any trees that are overgrown or need reshaping.
  • Prep your vegetable garden for next year’s crop.
  • Plant any perennials that need to go in the ground in the fall.
  • Bring any herbs or warmer weather plants inside before the first frost.
  • Turn your fall cleanup into summer vegetables.

I’ve completed a few of these tasks so far, but I still have a lot ahead of me.  I’ll update this page with links as I get more done.  Keep checking back every now and then for new and completed projects!

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