How to set up a website in half an hour!

For those of you who have been wondering how time consuming it is to start a blog, I give you the following:
me:  who do you use for hosting and layout?
Ilya:  hosting is dreamhost
and layout is from woothemes
me:  cool
i have half an hour til my pork roast is done
Ilya:  sweet
me:  think i can go live in that amount of time?
Ilya:  no
Sent at 7:57 PM on Wednesday
me:  ok, so domain name
Ilya:  find something decent
see if you can get a .com
Sent at 7:54 PM on Wednesday
me:  hmm
Ilya:  is it available?
me:  yes
Ilya:  eh
me:  i kno
Ilya:  hard to read
thats what the last owner called the place
Ilya:  hilarious
dude the name of your town and road are funny
Ilya:  haha
i was thinking something like city slicker
me:  hmm
me:  no
Ilya:  well yeah i meant having that in the title
me:  its registered
Ilya:  yeah
Ilya:  the site is going to be how to live in the country if you are a city slicker right?
me:  yea
or at least how im making it work
me:  oh
how to stop being one
Ilya:  exactly
people would understand what the site is about
from the title
me:  good on ya
promo code for hosting?
Ilya:  let me see if i have one
that site sometimes does crazy good deals
like on earth day
Sent at 8:07 PM on Wednesday
me:  or your email you used for there for referral
Sent at 8:09 PM on Wednesday
Ilya:  let me see
were you able to use me as a reference?
yeah, just put my email address down
me:  yeah, it worked
Ilya:  sweet
me:  private server/sql or no?
Ilya:  naw
not necessary
cause you aren’t making an application
me:  unique ip?
Ilya:  nope
Sent at 8:13 PM on Wednesday
me:  brb
Ilya:  once you have everything… on the left panel… go down to goodies and one-click installs
then do advanced mode and install wordpress
Sent at 8:15 PM on Wednesday
me:  that it?
Ilya:  more or less
is it live yet?
i can’t see it
or does it take some time for them to set it up
me:  idk
Ilya: right?
me:  yeah
Ilya:  might take a bit
so you did the worpress install too right?
Sent at 8:22 PM on Wednesday
me:  do i have to put anything on it, or does there have a wordpress placeholder
Ilya:  it should have the default theme
me:  its installed
Ilya:  cool
Sent at 8:25 PM on Wednesday
me:  try now
the default image is oddly appropriate
Sent at 8:27 PM on Wednesday
Ilya didn’t think I could get my blog going in half an hour.  BYAAAAAAH!

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